American Mohair

Luxury From An Unlikely Place

American Mohair

This is the exact opposite of fast fashion

Mohair is one of the most luxurious – and practical – fibers known to mankind. It dyes better. Feels softer. And resists fires. It’s coveted by the world’s finest fashionistas. It’s durable enough for the seats in luxury jets. And believe it or not, some of the very best is produced right here in the USA.


Angora Goat ranches run in harmony with the environment.


Woven into everything from designer suits to casino carpeting.

American Grown

Some family ranches have been operating for 130 years and counting.

America’s Ranchers

Mohair Can Be Woven Into Wool, Cashmere, And A Family’s Legacy

Just about all American Angora goat ranchers got started the same way. They grew up on family farms. They learned the business from their moms and dads. And they’re true to traditions that have been passed down through the generations.

Good For The Planet, The People, And The Goats


A Rancher’s Word Is Gold. And To prove It, There’s The AMA.

To prove their commitment to ethical ranching, America’s mohair producers voluntarily sign a commitment to ethical treatment and sustainable sourcing.

Cut Hair, Not Corners

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